Keysight (Agilent) 3070 Test Program Development Services

In-circuit-test-programming-services-Keysight Agilent 3070Acculogic provides turn-key test program development and fixture fabrication services for the Keysight (Agilent) 3070 family of In-Circuit Testers. With our large team of highly trained and experienced test engineers we provide advanced In-Circuit test programs with highest fault coverage and fast cycle time.
Our engineering team has successfully completed well over 10,000 In-Circuit test projects since 1994, for a broad range of customers and industries. Meeting our customer’s expectations and on-time project completion forms the foundation of our services. Acculogic surveys its customer base to measure its performance on an ongoing basis and has enjoyed a consistent customer satisfaction rating of over 98%.



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Standard 3070 Program Development

The Standard 3070 programs are cost effective and offer a fast turn-around. This service is most suitable for customers with standard technologies or limited time and budget. The Standard programs can be upgraded to an Advance level at a later date if required.
  • CAD translation to generate board and board XY files
  • Shorts and Opens test
  • Analog discrete component test
  • Standard digital library tests (3070 Library)
  • Setup libraries for devices not in the standard 3070 library
  • Setup TestJet and Polarity check (if available)
  • Setup Node libraries for future analog functional test
  • Generate program
  • Fixture design, fabrication and debug
  • StatManager Fault Coverage Reporting (device, pin and test type)
  • Program and Fixture Documentation

Advanced 3070 Program Development

The Advanced 3070 programs are designed for complex boards and for customers that require the maximum fault coverage possible at the ICT stage. The Advanced 3070 includes all the steps listed in the Standard Service as well as the following steps where applicable:
  • Advanced Boundary Scan
  • Silicon Nails Test Development
  • FLASH, ISP and EEPROM programming
  • Magic Test Reduced Access
  • Digital Cluster Tests
  • Single Stage Functional Test

Test Fixture Design and Fabrication

An integral part of board testing is the test fixture. Innovations in PCB technology may manifest themselves as challenges in test fixture design. Utilizing a creative design philosophy, Acculogic consistently delivers state-of-the-art solutions for the most complex test interface problems. With a combination of skilled engineers and technicians, stringent quality control, Acculogic is dedicated to providing the finest test fixtures, timely delivery and the most reliable service and support in the test fixtures
  • A wide range of fixtures in various sizes, styles and configurations
  • Dual-Well, double side access and multi-stage fixtures
  • Custom test fixture design for unique applications
  • Test fixture adapters and translators
  • Test fixtures for automated board handling systems (ABH)
  • All surfaces ESD treated (probe plate and both sides of the top plate) for a resistive range of 10E5 to 10E10
  • ZeroFlex™ Wireless Fixtures
  • Board-less fixture fabrication
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