Design for Testability

Solutions 4-2
DFT is a key focus area for most designers today since it can accelerate time to market and time to volume; it can also reduce manufacturing cost by lowering the defect escapes. DFT process is to verify the PCB designs against a set of rules, and identifying the non-conformances. Acculogic DFT expert will work with your design engineers concurrently to predict fault spectrum, plan test strategies, suggest fault coverage and test access trade-offs prior to layout and routing of PCB. The DFT analysis will consider different test methodologies such as Boundary Scan, Vectorless Test (Opens Xpress and/or Junctions Xpress), and Cluster test in selecting the most effective access point (test pads) in situations where access is very limited.
Automated review of the CAD data files for mechanical and access considerations – generates:
  • Test probe reports
  • Test access reports
  • Mechanical analysis for test fixture fabrication
  • List of recommendations
Review and DFT audit of the target schematics
  • DFT recommendation (design changes) to improve coverage and test stability
Review of customer Test Specification
  • Development test strategy to meet the specifications
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