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Take the stress out of getting your product to market on-time.

Acculogic Test Programming Services for Automated Test Equipment To compete successfully in today’s global marketplace, you need to apply the right expertise at the right time to every stage of your products’ life cycle. Acculogic’s test engineering services can help you at critical phases of your product verification and test strategy, and shorten your time to market. Our Test Engineering division offers a comprehensive range of turn-key services that range from In-Circuit Test fixture and program development to sophisticated application development on custom Functional Test Platforms.
We deliver in-circuit board test solutions to a variety of markets including telecom, mil-aerospace, automotive, medical sciences, test & measurement, and consumer electronics.
Test Programming Services for Automated Test EquipmentIn-Circuit Test Programming Services

Our Test Engineering division offers a comprehensive range of turn-key services that range from In-Circuit Test fixture design & fabrication, test program development to sophisticated application development on custom Functional Test Platforms.

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Boundary Scan Test Programming ServicesBoundary Scan & On-Board Device Programming Services

Utilizing our powerful line of boundary scan tools, we design, develop and deliver high fault coverage, diagnostic boundary scan test and on-board device configuration programs for deployment on dedicated boundary scan test systems, or on your existing in-circuit and functional test systems.

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Acculogic is a member of the Teradyne Support Network (TSN) and is an Agilent/Keysight Solutions Partner.

Teradyne Support Network
Keysight_CP_Solutions Partner

What Differentiates Acculogic Test Engineering

What Differentiates Acculogic Test Engineering
  • ISO 9001:2008 Registered
  • Over 10 years of experience in meeting customer expectations
  • Large team of highly experienced engineers (Hardware, Software and Mechanical)
  • Strong partnerships with leading ATE systems, instruments, and fixtures suppliers for meeting short development cycles
  • Open architecture from build-to-print to complete custom solutions based on, PC, VXI, PXI, GPIB (IEEE-488), and Custom designs
  • Choice of many major software platforms, test executives, software languages, database systems, from different vendors
  • On-Site installation, commissioning and training
  • Comprehensive technical and operational documentation
  • Training operators, test technicians, and test engineers
  • Post Sale Support

The Organization

We have organized the company to have our customers at the focal centre of all departments and groups. The team leads are experienced engineers who are responsible to provide leadership to engineers and are authorized to draw upon resources within Acculogic to develop and maintain a strong base of highly satisfied customers. Our account managers act in a consultative capacity to help our customers find and adopt cost effective solutions to their problems.

Our People

Acculogic_test_engineersWe live by a simple principle; 
Strong Customer Base + Enthusiastic Employees = Focused Growth

Our employees are the main reason for our dynamic growth. Acculogic is committed to providing a workplace that offers career opportunities, employee benefits and professional satisfaction.

We are driven by professional engineers, men and women of many races, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds, people coming together in a mosaic of talent and creativity. Our employees have a deep desire to work at the leading edge of their profession, deliver outstanding services, and pursue excellence.

Acculogic carefully selects, develops, and trains its work-force to help the company maintain its current leadership and to expand that leadership into new areas. A career at Acculogic offers employees an opportunity to become agents of change, personally and professionally.

Consistent Quality to Customers

Quality Service

One of the principle challenges facing any service-oriented business is maintaining consistency, repeatability, and reliability of services offered to customers. Acculogic has the systems, processes, tools, and the people to meet these challenges. Certification to ISO 9001:2008 standard ensures that the processes are installed, followed, and documented to guarantee repeatability and reliability.

Since continuous quality control is a integral part of our project execution and management, each project stage is closely monitored before proceeding to the next. Any deviations are quickly flagged and corrected with little or no impact on other tasks.
This ensures that we deliver on time every time – so you can meet your deadlines.
TPS projects are completed by following well developed, stringent procedures that are a part of our quality management system, which ensure that:
  • The stipulated project deliverables are achieved
  • Project deliverables are in line with customer’s expectations /statement of work
  • Maximum test coverage is attained The test program gives consistent, reliable & repeatable results
  • Appropriate resources are available for each project
  • Projects are tracked and delivered on time
  • After sales services are provided promptly and efficiently
Track the status of your projects at anytime with our on-line Project Status Reporting tool.
To monitor and manage projects, we have developed a proprietary end-to-end business software called Accutrax. This software is a corner-stone of our service delivery. Flow of goods and information dedicated to each project including assembled circuit cards, critical customer data, material orders and receipts, engineering times and resources, etc., and progress against planned objectives, are all logged in and retrieved by authorized individuals. Weekly progress reports are generated automatically and emailed to points of contact in customer accounts. Accutrax also generates progress reports with all items relevant to each project outlined in it. These reports are emailed to customers on a weekly basis to allow them to have a clear view of their projects.

Global Sales and Support Centers

Acculogic support centers throughout the world are staffed with fully trained engineers and technicians, ready to provide post sale support in a timely and efficient manner. Numerous quality awards presented to Acculogic by respected organizations in the industry are a clear testimony to our Commitment to product QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Our ISO 9001 certification covers design, development, production, installation, and service of all our products.
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Committed To Customer Success

The mission of our worldwide customer service and support organization is to guarantee successful deployment of our products by our customers. Our goal is to deliver, expertise, and problem-solving skills when and where customers need them most. To do this, Acculogic has assembled the industry’s most effective team of application and service engineers around the world. Their mission is to extend the life and productivity of each and every Acculogic tester or turnkey solution and, by doing so, protect our customer’s capital investments. When it comes to service and support, our customers expect only the best from Acculogic. We offer full complement of hardware and software service contracts, extensive training classes, application development services, and a variety of flexible coverage plans. Acculogic offers its customer the benefits of a global supplier, providing technically advanced solutions and the expertise of a seasoned ATE partner. Our focus on ensuring customer satisfaction is exemplified by the long list of world-class customers who have relied on Acculogic since 1992. Whether it’s a total turnkey system or a highly customized solution, our customers know they are receiving the most reliable, highest performance solutions available.

Commitment To The Environment

Acculogic is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. This commitment is essential to the continued success of our business. Our Environmental Policy is that Acculogic will act in an environmentally responsible manner in regard to our operations, products and services. Acculogic managers and employees are committed to support and implementation of this policy.
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