In-Circuit Test Fixture Design Services

An integral part of board test is the test fixture. Innovations in board technology may manifest themselves as challenges in test fixture design. Utilizing a creative & systematic design philosophy, Acculogic consistently delivers state of the art solutions for the most complex test interface problems for automated test equipment.

Standard Fixtures

  • Ergonomic design positions the UUT and fixture at the most convenient angle to minimize operator fatigue
  • Fixture opens 80-90 degrees to make all components readily accessible
  • Fewer parts mean longer fixture life and less maintenance
  • Recessed finger grips are located at the best balance position for easy handling

Pneumatic fixture

  • Smooth, Precision Vertical Actuation Control
  • Superior Probing Accuracy – Top and Bottom Sidepneumatic_in-circuit_test_fixture
  • Ideal for High Probe Force and Dense Applications
  • Rugged Hardware for High Volume Environments
  • Available for Small and Extra Large Board Profiles
  • Excellent Flexibility for Combinations of Dual Sided Test Applications, Dual Stage Testing, and Connector Insertion Requirements

Dual-Stage Fixturesdual stage in-circuit test fixture

Powered Shuttle Plate Dual-Stage technology relies on a software-activated motor drive for precision alignment of appropriate stops. When vacuum is applied in stage one, the fixture top plate is depressed to engage the functional test probes. Vacuum is released, and a motor-driven cam mechanism shifts the shuttle plate to engage the in-circuit probes when vacuum is reapplied.

General Purpose Mechanical/Pneumatic Fixturespneumatic in-circuit test fixture

  • Designed for low cost precision test
  • Highly reliable
  • Outstanding contact performance
  • Rapid cassette exchange
  • Customizing available

Split-Top Fixturessplit top-in-circuit test fixture

Split-Top fixtures permit alternate testing of two UUTs on the same fixture. The probe plate has channels for two independent Uni-Seal gaskets. Each of the two top plates has four quarter-turn locks and guide pins which seat in Quad Linear Bearings. Four springs under each top plate elevate the plate for easy removal when locks are released.

Bench-Top Fixturesbench-to in-circuit test fixture

Bench-Top fixtures are designed provide precision alignment technology to users of custom interface connectors such as those used for proprietary to rack instrument systems. The frame positions the top plate at an ergonomically correct 30 degree angle for operation at standard bench-top height. The back of the frame has a removable cover for easy access to interface wiring. Large side grips make it easy to move the fixture to different locations as required.

Opens Testing Gate Assembliesopens testing in-circuit test fixture

Opens Testing Gate assemblies are precision-engineered, heavy-duty aluminum units.
  • A positive latch mechanism locks the assembly securely for testing and releases easily for UUT change
  • Opens to approximately 90 degrees for easy access to the UUT and probes
  • A gas spring holds the unit open at any angle
  • Gate assemblies are designed for use with SKM, SKL, HEK3 and HEK5 size fixtures

Hold-Down Gateshold down gate in-circuit-test-fixture

Adjustable Hold-Down Gates enable the user to position adjustable fingers for uniform distribution of pressure on the UUT surface.
  • Perfect for use on vacuum fixtures designed to test PCBs with open vias.
  • Uniform pressure holds the PCB tight against top plate gasketing, while allowing the PCB to contact and deflect spring probes
  • Adjustable in X, Y and Z axes
  • Gate opens to 90 degrees
  • Gas spring holds gate open at any angle
  • Quick-release handle locks gate in position for testing
  • Optional 1/2″ riser frames and riser fingers accommodate tall components
  • Gate components are aluminum, steel and composite
  • Hold-down fingers are sold in packages of 10
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