The Scorpion BRiZ RFST – Automated RF Tester for LTE, WLAN and GPS

R&D and conformance testing of LTE/LTE-A, Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS

Acculogic Scorpion Briz LTE/LTE-A, Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS Simulator and Analyzer

The spread of Internet of Things (IoT) and use of wireless devices continues to grow at an increasing rate. To ensure quality, manufacturers of these products definetly need high speed test solutions, which must be able to support their production output rates, be accurate, cost effective, and reliable.

Acculogic engineers smarter, more powerful wireless test solutions that accelerate test times and help you to design innovative and high-quality products. Our objective is to provide our customer with the most technically advanced test solutions, which lower test times, diminish costs, and ensure product quality.

Why should you consider the Scorpion BRiZ RFST?
  • Improve time to market – offers industry-leading measurement speed
  • Ensure product compliance and quality
  • Lower test costs – test multiple devices in parallel, using multiple wireless technologies all with the same tester
  • Reusability – use across multiple products
  • Meet future requirements – wideband RF instrumentation and the software flexibility to adapt to future test needs
  • Test multiple wireless standards – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE, LTE-A/LTE/HSPA+/WCDMA/ TD-SCDMA/CDMA2000/EDGE/GSM, GPS, FM/RDS

LTE/LTE-A, Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS Test and Measurement

Acculogic test solutions extend from conformance to high-volume manufacturing and from LTE/LTE-A to WLAN to Bluetooth to GPS and near field communication (NFC).

The Acculogic Scorpion BRiZ RFST is an advanced test platform that incorporates National Instruments (NI) data acquisition and control systems:

  • NI PXIe chassis – superior performance, rapid inter-connectivity between instrumentation and infrastructure. A high-bandwidth, all-hybrid backplane designed for handling a wide range of high-performance test and measurement application needs.
  • NI Vector Signal Transceiver – fast and flexible vector signal analyzer and vector signal generator. This device combines an RF signal generator, an RF signal analyzer, a high-speed digital interface, and a user-programmable FPGA onto a single PXI module.
    VSTs are ideally suited for applications that require an RF stimulus and RF response, and handle a wide range of RF design and test applications. Example applications include wireless production test, RFIC characterization, channel sounding, radar prototyping, signal intelligence, and software-defined radio.
  • NI LabVIEW – test development environment
  • NI TestStand – test management software

NI TestStand Sequence Editor – mobile device test sequence

Across various implementations of RF transmitter, the Scorpion BRiZ RFST can perform tests and measurements that are essential to ensuring proper operation. Some of these include:

  • Channel power (CHP)
  • Adjacent channel power (ACP)
  • Unwanted signals – harmonic, intermodulation, and spurious
  • Phase noise IQ
  • Modulation quality – error vector magnitude (EVM) (also known as relative constellation error (RCE))
A common user-programmable FPGA enables complex processing for other RF applications such as prototyping new RF protocols, implementing a software defined radio, and channel emulation.
Wireless Standards supported by the Scorpion BRiZ RFST
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE
  • GPS
  • FM/RDS

Quick Changeover, Mechanical Test Fixture

The Scorpion BRiZ RFST test fixture has an innovative modular design. It consists of a base unit and an exchangeable cassette (shown on the right) with top and bottom side RF shield. Contacting the RF-Board is mainly carried out with geometrically matched up RF-Probes, which provide the best possible semi-anechoic and non-dissipative transfer of the RF-signals to be measured.
Automated Test Fixture for LTE/LTE-A, Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS Simulator and Analyzer

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