Quick Guide to Acculogic’s Sprint Flying Probe

Where and when to use the Sprint 4510
  • Low volume high mix manufacturing
  • New product validation – prototype testing
  • Repair depot
Advantages of the system
  • No fixture required translates into substantial savings
  • Quick program development – within hours or a few days (1-2), not weeks
  • Easy to apply changes (ECOs) – no fixture, just the program
Types of test performed
  • Analog MDA (in-circuit) test – non power-up
  • Vectorless digital test (Junction Diode, Capacitive test)
  • Power-up: Boundary Scan, some limited digital test (no back drive)
  • Automated Optical Inspection

SPRINT’s main features

Flying probe motor platen 1 – Linear Surface Motors
  • The four heads are on the same high precision platen
  • The four heads have the same mechanical characteristics
  • The four probes have the same length and the same angle
  • The four heads can move anywhere on the platen independently
Sprint flying probe angle 2 – Alternative head movement
  • Four probes requires a very complicated architecture
  • The four probe holders are in two different planes
  • The probes have different angles
  • The probes have different lengths
  • The movement of the probes in the bottom plane (green mechanism) is limited by the position of the probes in the top plane (yellow mechanism)
3 – Probe Angle (6 degrees)
  • Sprint’s probe angle is 182 m or 7 mils more accurate on a board warped 1 mm
  • Sprint’s more vertical probing angle minimizes the frequency of ‘mis-hits’ or ‘slips’ on warped boards
Sprint flying probing angle
4 – Large Board Size and built-in Conveyor System
  • SPRINT 4510: 20”X24”
  • SPRINT 4600: 24”X24”
5 – Powerful and accurate analog measurement system 6 – Power-off digital test
  • DeltaScan™ – Junction Diode
  • FrameScan™ – Capacitive
7 – Boundary Scan test and programming
  • Acculogic is the only flying probe supplier with own its own boundary scan tools
  • Much better integration through Flying and Stationary probes
  • Fast and reliable – adaptive clocking and none-stop data
  • Supports test and device programming
8 – Powerful, easy to use Windows based software
  • Integrated CAD translation and automated program generation
  • Integrated Boundary Scan and Power-off digital test
  • Integrated support for power-on digital and analog test
9 – Additional Capabilities
  • Vision system – Automated Optical Inspection
  • Power-on digital and analog test
  • Digital test channels – up to 256
  • Support for stationary probes and probe-plate
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