The Scorpion BRiZ

The Most Versatile Automated Test and Programming Station

Acculogic Scorpion Briz Automated Test & Programming Station 

The Scorpion BRiZ is a unified automated test platform that can consolidate any variety of circuit board test and programming application into a single, compact, low cost test station.

Why you should consider the Scorpion BRiZ:
  • Low Cost
  • Scalable
  • Reusable test fixture base
  • In-line
  • Capable of: Functional Test, In-System Programming, Boundary Scan/JTAG, In-Circuit Test

Test. Program. Ship on Time.

The primary goal of an electronic test strategy is to achieve the highest possible test coverage. Often, a combination of test tools and techniques needs to be integrated in order to meet this challenge. A decisive factor in selecting the optimal test strategy is cost. So, choosing a test platform that results in the highest test coverage for your investment is essential.

But, what if in addition to test, you require in-system or on-board programming? What would be the best way to handle this while staying within budget and meeting production timelines?

The ideal solution is a tester that can be easily configured and capable of performing test and in-system programming. A system that will help you improve test coverage, ensure that your customers receive defect free products, and meet your time to market objectives. A test platform that is thoughtfully engineered, compact, customizable, cost effective, and is called the Scorpion BRiZ.

Automated_Test_and_Programming_Equipment (ATE)
  • Up to 1,152 non-multiplexed tester channels
  • Integrated device programmer, with support for over 3,000 device models, allows parallel programming of up to 8 targets
  • Supports industry standard vector formats SVF, JAM/STAPL, IEEE 1532
  • Multiple Boundary Scan/JTAG digital I/O ports
Acculogic’s Scorpion BRiZ is an automated test & programming platform, which can be configured to perform in-circuit, functional & boundary tests, and in-system programming.
So, in one manufacturing stage you can achieve the highest level of test coverage, perform device programming, and meet & exceed your throughput requirements.
This makes BRiZ a truly affordable tester that will help you meet your product delivery timelines with superior test coverage.

Test Capability

Ensure the highest level of test coverage by using a combination of boundary scan, in-circuit and functional test techniques. The BRiZ is designed to be configurable with a variety of off the shelf test instrumentation for performing functional test:
  • VXI, PXI, and GPIB based instrumentation for analog & digital functional test
  • LabWindows CVI™, LabVIEW™, Visual C/C++, etc.

Programming Capability

The Briz is powered by Acculogic’s powerful & patented boundary scan system. So, on board devices can be easily programmed by using their JTAG/boundary scan ports. In addition, the Scorpion BRiZ is equipped with an additional, universal In-System Programmer, which enables ultra-fast device programming. The built in multiplexer permits programming multiple devices in parallel.

Quick Changeover, Mechanical Test Fixture

Equipped with a quick changeover, mechanical test fixture the need for a vacuum pump is eliminated. The BRiZ test fixture has an innovative modular design. It consists of a base unit and an exchangeable kit.
The base unit can be used for multiple board types, and each board would require its own exchangeable kit. This system allows you to adapt your fixture for new test requirements with various exchangeable kits. The result is a money saving way to build test fixtures for different products.
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