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StatManager-Quality-Assurance-Software Acculogic’s StatManager™ is an advanced test program coverage report generator with boundary scan fault inject capability. StatManager can calculate part and pin level coverage of Agilent 3070, Teradyne Spectrum and Z18xx test programs.
StatManager enables the user to:
  • Obtain a detailed coverage report that includes information on global, sectional and device level coverage as well as a list of untested components
  • Calculate and analyze pin coverage for digital devices with multiple tests on overlapping bases as well as individually and per test type.
  • Fault inject Boundary Scan Devices (what is currently impossible in the Spectrum environment) to obtain complete information on the efficiency of a test program
  • Generate a report that shows Digital Disable Table/s with a pin ID and the applied logic signal, and a list of components tested in parallel.
  • Create a report, which lists untested pins per Digital, Bscan and Fscan device
StatManager’s optional utilities allow users to reduce time and errors during the fixture design and test program preparation stages. These utilities include:
  • “IPL formatter” – to check the “IPL.DAT” file for errors, adding the system tolerance to device tolerances and necessary tests and power supplies
  • “Unused node extractor” – to get a list of nodes which may potentially fail during APC test
  • “Net assigner” – to extract and assign nets for particular devices having different logic levels (fixture design stage)


Program-guard-in-circuit-test-quality-assurance-softwareWith ProgramGuard, the user is able to compare two generated Spectrum ASCII files to catch eventual differences between them. These files are called ‘Source Program’ and ‘Target Program’. The first file is the ‘Golden’ file and plays the ‘master’ role and the second file plays the ‘slave’ role. ProgramGuard is able to distinguish Sections, Steps and Pages inside both mentioned ASCII files. The sections listed in the ProgramGuard panel are those that taken from the master file. After processing the two files and obtaining the results, the differences between the two files are displayed in the ‘Results’ box.
The following differences are displayed when detected:
  • Running Permission Status for all sections, steps and pages
  • Test vectors and digital patterns
  • Digital-analog test measurements
  • ‘COUNT’, ‘HIGH’ and ‘CRC’ values of digital sections
  • ‘High’ values and ‘Low’ values of passive and active devices
  • ‘Pin Type’ values in Frame Scan
The ProgramGuard supervisor can update the master file with any differences displayed in the results box. This transaction can be saved as a formatted text report file.
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