In-Fixture Electronics

Multi-clock divider board

Mutli Clock Divider Board

Provides a one board solution, capable of accepting a wide frequency bandwidth, for the testing of signal generating devices such as crystals and oscillators.
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Relay expander module

Relay Expander Module – REM-08

The Relay Expander Module (REM-08) is a powerful, and versatile control module with a wide range of applications. It is designed for use in various capacities for the testing and control of electronic circuitry. The power of the REM-08 is inherent in its ease of use and the great flexibility provided over control and configuration of its general purpose relays.
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Driver Board (for Boundary Scan TCK lines)

The Driver Board (for Boundary Scan TCK lines)

A high percentage of boards that are tested using in-circuit testers (ICT), have boundary scan devices. These components may have individual JTAG port access or be connected in a chain, sharing common TCK and TMS signals. Since communication with the testing device(s) is done on a serial basis, clean signals and good waveforms are critical.
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