iTH 7000 System

In-Line Test Handler

Automated Test Equipment – In-Circuit Test Handler
Acculogic’s Inline Scorpion is a fully automated in-circuit test system for high volume production with the added advantage of a very fast change over time for many different assemblies, including fixture change.
The iTH 7000 is ideally suited for the modern flexible manufacturing line that requires a fast transition between products. Upper and lower fixtures are a single unified fixture with coding for proper conveyor width and automatic call up of the test program.

One powerful tester. High Fault Coverage. Easy to use.

  • Comprehensive and accurate MDA measurement and Guarding
  • Advanced automatic program generation software
  • Expandable to 1,680 pins
  • Complete fixture change in less than one minute
  • Maximum board size 400 mm x 400 mm
  • Single or double sided testing single fixture
  • Cycle time of 5 seconds plus test time
  • Functional power-up testing
  • BodeScan Network Analysis
  • Vectorless Test capability
  • Boundary Scan
  • Flash Programming
  • Utilize your existing fixtures
  • Low cost
  • Full software compatibility to the Scorpion Flying Probe Tester
  • Small Footprint: 760mm L x 900mm W x 1800mm H
  • SMEMA compliant conveyor

The Testing Power You Want

Acculogic’s Scorpion family of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and In-circuit fixture-based testers were created with one underlining theme in mind: Cost-effective Testing. To achieve this objective, we designed a range of feature-rich testers offering:
  • Advanced automatic program generation software
  • Automatic CAD translation tools
  • High performance analog measurement system – comprehensive passive component and discrete analog device test
  • Patented vectorless opens test
  • Unique and convenient Fixture exchange system
  • Customizable Fixture Receiver to protect your fixture investments
Our systems can be configured with the following options in order to help you gain the maximum return on your investment, and to streamline your manufacturing processes:
  • BodeScan
  • Power-up Test
  • Advanced Function Test
  • Boundary Scan (JTAG) Test
  • In-System and Device Programming

Advanced automatic program generation software

Acculogic’s Integrator™ software is the comprehensive, easy-to-use graphical test generation and runtime environment for all of our Scorpion In-Circuit and Flying Probe Test Systems. This software offers Acculogic customers a highly effective and user-friendly environment for both producing and executing test programs.

Graphical in-circuit test generation and run-time environment

The test program development process is highly automated and most of its elements can be automatically generated in minutes. Integrator™ software accepts CAD data from a variety of board design and layout sources. Integrator uses CAD data, Bill of Materials (BoM), and netlist to create a high fault coverage test program and generate the complete fixture design and fabrication information. Debug is kept to a minimum since we offer unattended Auto Debug that can debug about 95% of the program automatically. Test coverage reports are available to aid in maximizing fault coverage and for program documentation.

High performance analog measurement system

The Scorpion series of testing equipment feature an analog measurement system consisting of a Measure and Stimulus instrument (a.k.a M&S) with flexible bi-directional routing between instruments and fixture receiver pins. Under program control, each of the analog measurement and stimulus instruments are set up and routed to their assigned pins for each test performed. The non-multiplexed architecture of Scorpion ICT series improves test performance and simplifies fixture design and test generation.The M&S module provides stimulus and measurement facilities for detecting shorts, opens, and incorrect component values on the Unit Under Test (UUT). In-circuit measurement of resistance, capacitance, and inductance identify actual component values.

Analog functional testing is also able to verify power on component parameters such as transistor beta, op amp closed loop gain, diode and transfer characteristics.

BodeScan™ a patented, built-in network analyzer for detecting incorrect small value components in complex RF networks.
RepairMatic an offline repair station that can download data from the Scorpion Tester and display the faults in a graphical environment.

Limited access testing with boundary scan (JTAG) Test

Limited accessibility or lack of test access impacts a board’s test coverage. Using boundary scan technology, test coverage as well as accessibility will be improved. Acculogic offers a powerful suite of patented hardware and software tools specially designed for testing of electronic devices, boards and systems using the IEEE 1149.1 standard (and all derivatives).

In-system and device programming

Boundary Scan provides the added benefit and convenience of using the embedded resources of Micro Controllers and Processors for the programming of the embedded devices. In addition, Boundary Scan offers On-Board Programming of Flash, E2 memory devices and In-System Programming (ISP/ISC) of CPLDs, PLDs, and FPGAs.

Acculogic’s family of Boundary Scan controllers rely on the company’s patented Adaptive Clocking™ technology to provide the fastest and the most reliable means for delivering program data to the target.

Patented vectorless test

Vectorless test was pioneered in 1990 by ITA/Scorpion, (part of the Acculogic Group). It is now the preferred method to find “opens” faults around large pin count digital devices. This test method has rendered the lengthy process of test pattern development required to inspect complex VLSI parts on traditional In-Circuit testers obsolete. Acculogic’s Open Pin detection consists of two complimentary tools for the Scorpion series of testers; CScan™ and ChipScan™.
  • CScan™ – Detects open leads on ICs including BGAs, reverse electrolytic capacitors, connector pins, and decoupling capacitors
  • ChipScan™ – Detects open leads on ICs including BGAs with heat sinks

Advanced function test

Advanced Function Test expands the capabilities of the Scorpion ICT beyond basic manufacturing process test.


External commercially available instruments integrate directly with the Scorpion ICT and signal lines are routed to the fixture receiver under software control. Each instrument’s graphical user interface (GUI) provides an intuitive representation of the instrument controls and functions. Configuring instruments for a measurement is as simple as setting the dials. Once the parameters for a particular measurement are configured, program steps within the Integrator software environment flow seamlessly.

Instrument drivers are based on Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) protocols thus allowing easy and fast instrument replacement.

Superior test coverage reports

The integrator software has an advanced test program coverage report generator, which provides:
  • Detailed device and pin coverage information
  • IC pin coverage data based on CScan and ChipScan test technologies
  • Enhanced coverage report based on boundary scan and ICT coverage
  • The capability to export test reports to MS Excel and TXT formats
In-Circuit test coverage report

System versatility

The logical subdivision of the systems into control computer, power supply, and measurement/switching units guarantees ease of integration into any test environment.
A system configuration based on the 19”standard rack allows cost-effective incorporation into any production environment.
  • Migration from old or obsolete Automated Test Equipment/Systems has been simplified
  • Use existing fixtures from your Teradyne, GenRad or Keysight (Agilent) systems
  • Scorpion offers program translators to speed up program migration


Acculogic provides turn-key test program development for the SCORPION iCT7000. Acculogic’s large team of fully trained and experienced test engineers provide advanced test programs with highest fault coverage and fast cycle time. Please click here to learn more.
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