In-Circuit Testers

Superior Performance. Exceptionally Cost Effective.

Whether you’re choosing from our stand-alone manually loaded ICT tester all the way to our fully automatic In-line test system, Acculogic has the solution for you!
Acculogic’s Scorpion family of automated test equipment and in-circuit fixture-based testers were created with one underlining theme in mind: “Cost-effective Testing”.


This tester is designed to be cost efficient, modular and expandable. It can be configured with up to 1,024 pins, and runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system. The FiS640 can be easily networked for centralized program storage or data collection.
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In-circuit tester/MDA- Acculogic iCT7000


The iCT7000 is the ideal tester for those requiring a larger test node capacity. In addition to offering the same functionality as the FiS640 automated tester, this system offers a higher available pin count, and the capability to integrate with external power supplies.
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In-Circuit Test Handler - Acculogic iTH7000

iTH 7000 In-Line Test Handler

Acculogic’s iTH 7000 system is a fully automated in-circuit test system for high volume production with the added advantage of a very fast change over time for different assemblies – less than one minute, including fixture change. The iTH 7000 is ideally suited for the modern flexible manufacturing line requiring a fast product change over.
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