Flying Probe Testers

Fixtureless Testing With a Flying Prober

A Better Way To Test

As the trend in the increase of board complexity continues, the capabilities of automated test equipment or in-circuit testers are challenged and even exceeded. This could be due to the lack of or limited physical access (test points) to components or, limited tester channels or, the cost of fixture design and fabrication, especially for large node count boards.
Flying probe test systems require no test fixturing, have few restrictions on board access, and can test boards with virtually unlimited number of nets. These systems also allow developers to complete test programs in a short time.
Appropriately, the Acculogic Scorpion Flying Probe test platform is an essential part of any PCBA test strategy, serving both prototype and production volume test requirements, providing maximum flexibility for electronics manufacturers.
Application of new and innovative design features to increase test speed, board access, reliability, and repeatability, have opened up new possibilities for deployment of Acculogic’s FLS980 flying probe test platform. As the first patented flying prober with double sided testing and 22 interchangeable probe modules, the FLS980 is leading the way in defining new leaner and more efficient deployment models for production environments.

Flying Probe Test Platforms

Flying Probe Tester

Scorpion FLS980Dxi Flying Probe Test Platform

“The Ultimate Probing Machine”. 
Ultra Fast full Function Patented Double-sided, Closed Loop 22-probe System, All probes are Analog, Digital, Boundary Scan, and Vectorless Test enabled. Use it In-Line or manual operation with AOI capabilities.
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Sprint Flying Probe Tester

Sprint 4510 Flying Probe Tester

Operating in hundreds of plants across the world, the Sprint 4510 has been selected by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronic manufacturing service (EMS) companies alike to meet their most demanding operational requirements. With capabilities and features that have been designed to tackle the next generation of test and QA challenges in electronic manufacturing.
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