Teradyne SPECTRUM Boundary Scan Integration System

Acculogic's Teradyne SPECTRUM Boundary Scan Integration System

Limited access testing using IEEE1149.1 standard is now an essential part of manufacturing test strategy for complex and high node count digital boards. Teradyne SPECTRUM series of In-Circuit testers provide Boundary Scan capabilities. The SPECTRUM delivers the test patterns through the system Channel Cards (driver/receiver) and uses VICTORY for test pattern generation and diagnostics. The 8800-series In-Circuit machines provide BICT type of device level testing as well as Virtual Interconnect (VIT) and Cluster (VCCT) testing.

Boundary Scan TAP Controller

Boundary Scan DUT and TAP Controller

Spectrum’s ILDP feature enables the tester for in-system programming of Flash and other programmable devices, using the parallel access through its Channel Cards. The data delivery rate of the system is up-to 5MHz on the standard CC2 cards, and the higher end system mainframes can be equipped with higher speed cards. The SPECTRUM 8800 series, like most In-Circuit testers, is designed for parallel access and parallel pattern delivery. Even though the systems can deliver boundary scan serial patterns to the DUT, performance and throughput is not desirable for complex operations such as on-board device programming. The integration of a stand-alone Boundary Scan controller with the Teradyne 8800-series can enhance the system’s capability and provide access to additional tools. The integration strategy provides the user with a common platform and portability of test patterns from stand-alone to ICT and later-on to functional test and depot test station.

The Challenge

Seamless integration of stand-alone Boundary San tools (BST) with Teradyne S8800-series has posed a challenge to many BST suppliers in the past, due to long distance between the ICT test fixture and the BST controller in the PC.

Boundary Scan solutionsAcculogic’s Solution
Acculogic proven and patented Adaptive Clocking™ technology completely eliminates the effects of the long distance between the BST controller and the ICT test fixture therefore removing the hardware obstacle to seamless integration of Acculogic Boundary Scan tools with all S8800- series platforms.
Acculogic BST systems can be fully integrated with the Teradyne 8800-series of testers.
Accessing the Boundary Scan TAP
Acculogic's Teradyne SPECTRUM Boundary Scan Integration System To deliver the test and programming patterns to the DUT, the BScan controller has to be connected to the TAP port of the target. All of the Teradyne SPECTRUM 8800 series are equipped with at least one Functional Interface Board (FIB). The FIB offers 8 SMB connectors that may be switched to either the on-board analog matrices, the backplane or directly to 16 channels in the fixture interface. Each pair of SMB connectors can switch to four channels directly and their SMB shields can switch to a channel, (floated, or grounded) independently of the other three pairs of connectors.
Using the ScanMaster™ PCI Card
The recommended controller for SPECTRUM is the Acculogic ScanMaster™ PCI card, is then installed in the system controller PC and the BST signals are connected through the ScanMultiplier™ to the 4 high bandwidth (50 MHz) cluster ports of the Functional Interface Board (FIB) as shown in the diagram.
Acculogic's Teradyne SPECTRUM Boundary Scan Integration System
The TAP signals (TDI, TDO, TMS and TCK) are routed to the fixture receiver’s Customer Function Pin Arrays available to be wired to DUT. This configuration can deliver Boundary Scan signals at 25 MHz throughput.
Software Integration
Once the test and programming applications have been developed and fully debugged using a standalone system, then final routines are called from within the Teradyne software environment using Acculogic ScanManager S88-DLL.
The ScanManager™ uses the Boundary Scan Intelligent Diagnostic (BSID) module of VICTORY to accurately identify the location of the fault and shows all the nets that are connected to the failing net.
Acculogic's Teradyne SPECTRUM Boundary Scan Integration System



  • ScanManager™

  • ScanManager™ DLL – Teradyne 228x/ TestStation compatible Sequence Manager

Optional Development Software
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