Automatic Test Pattern Generation Tools

Victory: Automatic Test Pattern Generation Tools (ATPG)Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) Tools (known as VICTORY) are comprehensive set of software tools that are used to generate test-patterns and obtain diagnostic information for electronic assemblies containing boundary scan devices. The toolset also includes testability analysis tools for designing boards with boundary scan devices. VICTORY was introduced in 1991, one year after IEEE adopted the 1149.1 boundary scan standard. Today, it remains the industry’s leading software for boundary scan design and test. More than 100 electronics manufacturers across the world are using VICTORY for boundary scan test generation. VICTORY has four test pattern generation modules: The boundary scan testability analysis module is called Access Analyzer (AA). Intelligent diagnostics is provided by the Boundary Scan Intelligent Diagnostic tool (BSID).
VIT module generates test patterns to detect faults in pure boundary scan interconnections. The VCCT module generates test patterns that determine defects in non-scan circuitry that is surrounded by boundary scan devices. VIT and VCCT tools also include a Test Access Port Integrity Test (TAPIT) module which is executed before other boundary scan tests to ensure that the Test Access Port (TAP) circuits of various devices on the chain are working properly. BSID isolates failures at the device, net, and pin levels. When defects can not be identified in a deterministic manner, BSID provides intelligent messages that will point to probable sources of failure. AA is the module used for testability analysis and helps to reduce the number of test points on a DUT without diminishing fault coverage. BFT is used to test semiconductor devices complying with IEEE 1149.1 standard for defects in their core logic circuitry. If access via bed-of-nails is available to nodes on a target assembly, BICT patterns can be generated to test boundary scan devices resident on it.
Typically, a combination of VICTORY modules is necessary to meet boundary scan test requirements and challenges. While VICTORY modules are offered on an individual basis, customers have been increasingly attracted to our bundled packages where they have been able to achieve significant savings in costs.
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