Automatic Program Generation Tool

SourceWizard Automatic Program Generation ToolSourceWizard™ is used to develop complex On-Board Programming (OBP) applications for flash and other non-volatile memory devices that are accessible via boundary scan devices. Helped by an intuitive GUI and relying on an Automatic Program Generation (APG) environment, developers can generate flash programming applications in just a few hours. Users can also write complex pseudo-functional test programs in Visual C/C++ language to test non-scan digital devices surrounded by boundary scan.

SourceWizard™ operates either as a stand-alone tool or uses files generated in the VICTORY software environment to develop On-Board Flash Programming (OBP) applications. Information is supplied to the SourceWizard™ through a user-friendly graphical user interface.

  • BSDL Syntax and Semantic Check Boundary Scan Description Language (BSDL) files are used to extract specific device information that is necessary for generate the flash and other non-volatile memory programming applications. BSDL files are checked for integrity of syntax and semantic information.
  • Automatic netlist extraction SourceWizard™ can either pick scan chain descriptions automatically from a simple text file (.dcd) that is shared with VICTORY environment or the information can be supplied manually. Target netlist information is processed by a software tool that is capable of translating from over forty different CAD tools to a format used by VICTORY and SourceWizard™. Using a common file and data structure eliminates duplication and stream-lines the development process for both VICTORY and SourceWizard™.
  • Symbol Mapping Module Symbol Mapping, a module integral to the SourceWizard™, is responsible for mapping boundary scan input and output cells to corresponding nets on the flash device under consideration. Serialization of data that is subsequently delivered to the device for programming is the responsibility of low-level functions that are resident in the Visual C/C++ templates.
  • Device libraries SourceWizard™ is supplied with an extensive library of popular Flash and other memory devices. The libraries include a pin-map of the device, package type, and the required algorithms for programming the device.
  • Target TAP integrity test SourceWizard™ automatically creates a TAPIT (Test Access Port Integrity Test) and a Flash device ID check. These tests are performed before Flash programming to ensure chain integrity and presence of correct target devices.

The developed source code is compiled using Microsoft Visual C/C++™ compiler to generate either DLL or EXE type files. In effect, the compiler generates a series of serial vectors that are ready for delivery to the target utilizing the ScanMaster™ controller. The ScanManager™, ScanNavigator™ or other third-party test sequencers such as TestStudio™, Test Stand™, or LabWindows CVI™ , can be used to deliver the data to the target.

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