Fully Integrated Boundary Scan Test Environment

  • Single, intuitive environment for test development and execution enhances productivity
  • Task-oriented templates simplify and organize your test generation process
  • Data generation and setup wizards streamline test and device program development
  • Boundary scan test and diagnostic generation powered by VICTORY
ScanNavigator harnesses the power of Acculogic’s comprehensive set of boundary scan test and on-board device programming tools in a single, intuitive graphical user environment. Whether it’s high fault coverage shorts and opens testing on boundary scan nets, or programming PLDs and flash memory via the scan chain, ScanNavigator provides easy access to all the hardware and software tools necessary to develop, execute and diagnose boundary scan tests.
Templates organize your work
ScanNavigator_templates ScanNavigator’s task-oriented activity templates help you strategize your test development, execution, and debug process at a high level. Simply drag & drop templates into the program sequencer, or recall previously defined sequences that you’ve saved in the reuse library. Once the sequence is established, click to expand each step and reveal all the underlying details including required data files, and tool and instrument settings.
ScanNavigator design is based on Microsoft dotNet technology so that data generated or gathered at a previous test step is made available to subsequent steps thus saving you time by streamlining the entire test development process and eliminating redundant efforts. ScanNavigator templates for On-Board Programming of soldered flash and programmable logic devices quickly direct you to device libraries of fully modeled programmable parts, an automated boundary scan-to-flash memory pin mapping utility, and Microsoft dotNet environment for completing and compiling your user defined flash routines.
Test generation powered by VICTORY™
With ScanNavigator, classic boundary scan virtual interconnect and virtual cluster test development, based on the VICTORY test generation engine, and execution has never been easier. VIT, Cluster Test and TAP Integrity Test templates provide easy to follow step-by-step preparation of all UUT topology, logical constraints and test definition information required for high-fault coverage, automatically generated shorts and opens tests with diagnostics. With your boundary scan test and on-board program development efforts quickly completed, use the same ScanNavigator environment to graphically order your test execution sequence and setup your Acculogic ScanMaster™, ScanMultiplier™ or ParallelRiter™ hardware.
“Builder” wizards streamline test data generation
Each test development template includes efficiency tools, like the circuit netlist convertor, boundary scan chain description file builder and automatic scan chain sequencer, to help you quickly generate required source data for your tests. Other useful tools include an automated “char” model builder for defining device and pin characteristics of non-scan devices that share nets with scan parts, and an automated pin mapper for defining flash-to-boundary scan device lead connections. All these tools reduce program preparation time and eliminate syntax errors associated with generating files manually.
Single environment for development and execution During test development and initial debug, you want to have direct access to all the tools you need. ScanNavigator’s Integrated Test Environment provides that access and enables you to quickly change test setup conditions or regenerate test data as is often required to correct problems encountered during initial test integration. ScanNavigator’s sequencer is a full-function test executive with comprehensive flow of control features. Set flags, execute loops and direct your program flow to diagnostic messaging on conditions you as the test developer define. Upon release of the final test program to the production floor, built-in password protected execution controls secure the program against unauthorized use or modification.
The importance of fast and accurate debug and diagnostic capabilities in a test generation and execution system cannot be overstated. Acculogic’s Diagnostic Viewer™ quickly gets you to the root cause of a boundary scan test failure. Logic analyzer-style displays coupled with fault locations clearly highlighted in CAD layout and schematic drawing windows, takes the guess work out of test debugging. For your production environment, BSID (Boundary Scan Intelligent Diagnostics) provides text-based diagnostic messaging that simply yet completely identifies failures and their most probable cause.
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