Net Mapping Software

ScanMapper™ - powerful, automated net mapping softwareScanMapper™ is a powerful, automated net mapping software for use with ParallelRiter™. ScanMapper™ imports the net list of target modules, and through a series of point and click steps allows user to map physical nets of the DUT to boundary scan cells of the ParallelRiter™. ScanMapper™ uses the powerful VICTORY engine to automatically generate the boundary scan vectors required to test the DUT. ScanMapper™ generates wiring reports for connecting the ParallelRiter™ channels to the nets on the target. The test fixture fabrication house uses the wiring report in their design and assembly process.

ScanMapper™ software is fully integrated with the FlashRiter environment for use in device programming applications. The ScanMapper™ graphically maps the address, data and control nets of Flash devices to the digital channels of the ParallelRiter™. SourceWizard™, then uses the mapping information generated by ScanMapper™ for automatic C source code generation. A Flash programming routine can normally be developed within a short few hours.

Combining the Virtual access of Boundary Scan and physical access of the digital channels can significantly improve the test coverage, while having a minor impact on the test development time. By wrapping a programmable Boundary Scan chain around the Device Under Test (DUT), it will provide access to physical points such as headers, edge connectors or other accessible points to increase visibility, to improve fault coverage and diagnostic accuracy. ScanMapper™ software provides the user with a Graphical point and click means to map the physical pins of the DUT to the Scan Chain of the ParallelRiter™ or Jasper card. ScanMapper™ automatically will update all the data bases required for Automated Test Pattern Generation and use with Boundary Scan Intelligent Diagnostics and Diagnostic Viewer™.

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