ScanManager™ Boundary Scan Run-time Executive

ScanManager™ Boundary Scan Run-time ExecutiveScanManager™ provides everything you need to run Boundary Scan test and programming sequences on your production floor or perform advanced debugging. ScanManager™ supports Interconnect Test (VIT), Cluster Test (VCCT), Memory Test, Functional Test and Flash, ISP programming with power and easy to understand diagnostic and messaging capability. In addition, ScanManager sequence editor provides the power and flexibility for viewing and amending run time parameters. ScanManager’s password protected environment allows the developed engineer to prevent unauthorized change to the program in the production environment.

ScanManager™ software has been designed to automate Boundary Scan test and programming operation. Right out of the box, ScanManager™ is a ready-to-run test executive that organizes, controls, and executes your automated prototype, validation, or production test and programming systems. ScanManager™ is completely customizable, so you can modify and enhance it to match your specific needs.

ScanManager™ is specially designed to take advantage of Acculogic’s powerful boundary scan suite of tools, and it is fully compatible with leading test programming languages including LabView, LabWindows, Visual Basic and Visual C++. ScanManager™’s built-in Boundary Scan pattern compiler is fully supports SVF, JAM/STAPL and IEEE1532 formats.

ScanManager™ provides the performance you need to keep up with increasing demands for faster test and programming times, quicker development, and more intelligent data sharing and test sequencing.

  • Pass protected log-in
  • Pre-defined privileges
  • Operator or Programmer mode
  • Powerful flow control (Pre and post action)
  • Use of flags
  • Easy to use, no programming language
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