Diagnostic Viewer™

Graphical Display of Boundary Scan Diagnostics

Diagnostic Viewer - easy to use boundary scan debugging and troubleshooting production toolThe Acculogic Diagnostic Viewer™ (ADV) is an easy to use debugging and troubleshooting production tool. The ADV works in conjunction with both the board layout and schematic viewer in order to help the user detect and correct board failures and defects in manufacturing. ADV through an easy to read graphical user interface, supplies the user with the essential information to easily pinpoint board failures, correct them and move forward in the testing and validation process.
The ADV has several important benefits & features:
  • CAD viewing of all industry standard formats. Excellent for repair stations.
  • Schematic viewing support for the industry standard EDIF 2.0.0 or later version. Ideal for test development and debugging instead of flipping though many schematic pages to find the area of interest.
  • ADV can be used as a stand-alone tool or it can be launched from within any test sequencer or executive including the Acculogic ScanManager™, ScanNavigator™, and many others.
  • For quick and easy reference, the user can elect to display the LEAD(s), DEVICE(s) and NET(s) that is/are in question.
  • The user can choose to mask out all other nets so that it is easy to identify the failure.
  • The ADV will auto-refresh itself so that the CAD and Schematic interface will always represent the current failure information.
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