ScanMultiplier™ facilitates the programming and testing of up to 16 targets, allowing any combination of up to 16 TAP channels. Its intelligent, controller routes serial data streams to and from targets under program control allowing any number of channels (from 1 to 16) to be selected and operated in sequence or in parallel by the user.

ScanMultiplier™ extends the boundary scan chain ports from one to four on standard boundary scan controllers. This allows a single port controller to test one DUT with up to 4 independent scan chains or four separate DUT’s with one scan chain each. ScanMultiplier_diagram Function
ScanMultiplier™ is capable of functioning in standalone or master/slave mode, making testing or programming complex boards with multiple scan chains or panelized boards possible. Production economics is positively impacted as ScanMultiplier™ allows for a multiplication of the throughput of boundary scan systems in testing and programming applications, allowing for multiple boards to be completed in the normal cycle time of single units.
Under ScanNavigator‘s graphical environment, ScanMultiplier ports are set-up easily in seconds with a few mouse clicks. SM ports can also be controlled under test executives via simple DLL calls.
Available in DB25 connectors (4-port ScanMultiplier) for use with flat ribbon cabling, and in SMA connectors (2-port ScanMultiplier) connectors for coaxial cabling.
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