Jasper VXI-Scan

VXI_boundary-scan_controllerAcculogic Jasper VXI-Scan offers a break-through in Boundary Scan test for C-size VXI. Now VXI system integrators can build test equipment for advanced Boundary Scan (serial access) and digital (parallel-access) testing using Acculogic’s revolutionary Multi-Port digital test subsystem architecture. The Jasper VXI-Scan offers Acculogic’s latest innovation in capabilities for Boundary Scan, Functional test and on board device programming in a compact C-size format. It combines the superior performance of the ScanMaster™ controller, with the flexibility of ScanMultiplier™ and ParallelRiter™. With plug and play software driver and hardware that is compliant with VXI interface Jasper VXI-Scan can be easily be integrated with other instruments in VXI-based test systems.
  • 3 Boundary Scan TAP ports
    • Parallel operation (broadcast) up-to 3 targets
    • Daisy chain operation
    • Each port (3) connected to different DUT
    • Support for Addressable Scan Port (ASP)
    • Support for Non-compliant Boundary Scan Protocols
  • 128 Fully programmable and controllable Digital Channels
    • 32, 64 or 128 Channel configuration
    • Each channel is bi-directional and Tri-State-able
    • 32 Kbyte pattern memory
    • Programmable levels
    • Drive current +/- 24 mA per channel
  • Programmable Logic levels 3.3V and 5.0V
  • TCK rate 30 MHz programmable
  • Boundary Scan Data Rate up-to 25 Mbits/second
  • Support for Adaptive Clocking
  • Support for Multiple cards in the system
Jasper VXI-Scan module is a unique high performance multi-purpose Boundary Scan controller for automated testing and on board device programming applications. Jasper combines the power of Boundary Scan with the access and flexibility of digital channels, to maximize test fault coverage and minimize the device programming time. A powerful test and programming station can be configured with multiple Jasper cards, combined with off-the-shelf VXI instruments and driven by intuitive graphical software.
Combining the Virtual access of Boundary Scan and physical access of the digital channels can significantly improve the test coverage, while having a minor impact on the test development time. The purpose of this real-life application is to configure the CPLDs on board, program two banks of Flash memories and test the DUT with maximum fault coverage, whiling minimizing the fixture cost.
  • The 3 separate scan chains (brown, yellow and blue), each was connected to one of the three TAP ports on the Jasper.
  • The digital channels, were connect to the signal pins on headers (2) and edge connector using a simple cable harness.


Using Acculogic SourceWizard™ automated program generation software, routines were developed for Flash programming. The vendor generated SVF and JAM files were processed by the Acculogic ScanManager™ software for configuring the on board CPLDS. Then using the daisy chain mode of the Jasper card the three TAP ports were connected together for the Interconnect test. The ScanMapper™ software provided the integration of the digital channels into the Boundary Scan Test and automatically generated the wire map, for connecting the digital channels of the Jasper card to the edge connector and the two headers. Within a few short hours, a complete test program was automatically generated that provided a test coverage of 83% of the digital nets of the board.
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