ParallelRiter provides an external boundary scan chain

ParallelRiter™ offers a powerful, easy to use solution for parallel test and/or programming of circuit boards that do not support the IEEE1149.1 standard. ParallelRiter™ operates with the ScanMaster™ card and transforms the generated serial stream to parallel data that is then applied to the target via test pads, headers, connectors, etc. ParallelRiter™ provides an external boundary scan chain that can be wrapped around the device under test (DUT) to improve test fault coverage.

  • 64 channels/card
  • Bi-directional channels that can be tri-stated
  • Dynamically configurable
  • Clock rate of up to 20 MHz (TCK)
  • Multiple card configuration
  • Programmable voltage levels 3.3V and 5V
  • PC based or stand alone (PCI and ISA)
During board and system level testing, ParallelRiter™ provides direct access for device preconditioning, disables and general purpose stimulus and capture. This increases test reliability and repeatability, and it enhances fault isolation and coverage. For on-board flash device programming applications, it provides direct access to the address, data and control lines of targets through bed-of-nails, edge connectors, headers, etc.
The ParallelRiter™ card has 64 general purpose, bi-directional, digital channels. It is fully integrated with the target application using ScanMapper™. It is also employed in various JTAG applications for control, preconditioning, or tri-stating of non-boundary scan parts. A system can be configured with up to 4 ParallelRiter™ cards allowing significant flexibility in addressing complex test and/or device programming challenges. In general, use of ParallelRiter™ in Boundary Scan applications increases test reliability, repeatability and enhances fault isolation and coverage.
ParallelRiter™ provides 64 digital channels per card with programmable logic voltage levels (3.3/5.0V) covering a wide range of common components.
Multiple ParallelRiter™ cards can be daisy chained to provide the desired number of channels needed for most test and programming applications. A typical system can be configured using 4 ParallelRiter™s for a total of 256 digital channels that can be controlled by a single ScanMaster™ controller.
ParallelRiter™ can be dynamically configured through software for optimum performance, especially for time critical Flash programming applications. Users can select from the following three modes of operation to fine-tune the system to maximize performance:
  • 32 channels controlled by 33 scan cells (single 32-bit bus, address or data)
  • 64 channels controlled by 66 scan cells (two 32-bit bus, address or data)
  • 64 channels controlled by 66 scan cells (two 32-bit buses, address or data)
ParallelRiter - Test and Programming of PCAs without JTAG
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