Acculogic introduces: Dynamic Test on the fly with Network Analyzer “BodeScan”


Small value capacitors, inductors, resistors and crystals can now be tested by using the BodeScan option of the Flying Scorpion. Even complex parallel combinations of these devices can be tested. Values as small as 2pf for capacitors and 100nH for inductors can be now be tested.


BodeScan is a dynamic analog method of testing complex two-terminal networks. In the example below, a complex network of a tuned circuit with filter, that consists of small capacitor with parallel inductor and resistor. Flying Prober BodeScan
Since the BodeScan method allows the frequency applied to L-C resonant circuits to be varied, the attenuation and phase frequency responses of resonant circuits and filters can be plotted. The values of the capacitors (C), inductors (L) and resistors (R) within such a network can be determined by plotting and evaluating a Bode diagram.
By sweeping the input frequency the operation of quartz crystals and filter circuits transfer function to be characterized and tested.
Here are the two bode software test templates, Bode and RLC Bode:
FLS980 Flying Probe Tester - BodeScan
FLS980 Flying Probe Tester - BodeScan

3.Bode Hardware

The BodeScan system uses a HF Measurement head (Bodebox) that is mounted onto a camera module. Up to 4 Bodeboxes can be used within the system. Each Bodebox is directly connected to two adjacent Probe Modules using coax. There is a controller box mounted inside the system PC.


Frequency range Level1kHz to 15MHz, resolution 32 bit, continuously variable
Amplitude (sinusoidal signal)100, 200, 400 and 500mVpp
DC offset± 360mV (can be switched off)
Resistance measurement (2 wire only10 Ω to 150kΩ in 2 overlapping ranges,
resolution 12 bit, exponential, error 5%
Capacitance measurement1.6pF to 20μF, resolution 0.01pF
error at < 2MHz: 3%
error at > 2MHz: 8%
Inductance measurement100nH to 20H, resolution 2.5nH
error at < 2MHz: 3%
error at > 2MHz: 8%
Filters, resonant circuitsTest for phase shift and attenuation characteristic
DYNAMIC TESTS (Bode diagram)
Frequency range
1kHz to 15MHz, resolution 32 bit, continuously variable
DYNAMIC TESTS (Bode diagram)
Frequency range
Test of ability to oscillate from 100 kHz to 15 MHz
Phase measurement±175°, resolution 0.09°,
error at < 2MHz: < 1°
error at > 2MHz: < 5