4 Surprisingly Simple Tips That Can Instantly Improve Your Test Program Coverage

FLS flying probe test-program-parts-coverage
The primary goal of any test program development effort is to obtain the highest test coverage possible. And, familiarity with the numerous features and capabilities of the Scorpion FLS980 Flying Probe tester can help do just that. So, here are 4 tips that you might find useful:  
  1. Consider probing all ICs or other types of test points that might not look very good. Place nails everywhere else, run the Accessibility Report and add nails to currently not covered nets on a particular IC or other device pin (by criteria Pin Name in Bed of Nails) with a very low quality.
  2. Before assigning the “IC” class to all components with seemingly relevant reference designators (IC, U etc.), check if some of these devices can be tested in your Analog Section instead – for instance Voltage Reference (Zener), IC with diode array inside, filters, other clusters including resistor networks and such.
  3. Use Voltage template for Voltage regulators and op-amps to functionally test them.
  4. Create a “Power ON” Container to power on the board and verify voltage regulators, op-amps, digital ICs, frequency measurements, and voltages in some functional test steps.