Enabling Teradyne Di-Series Instruments To Perform Boundary Scan Test

Using Acculogic’s ScanNavigator integrated boundary scan test environment, offers a quick, easy, and a cost effective way to perform boundary scan test using Teradyne’s Di-Series, which is a family of C-size VXI digital test instruments, with 64 (single-ended) or 32  (differential-pair) programmable channels per card, data rates up to 50 MHz and the flexibility, performance and ease of use to test all levels of integration from SRA/SRU to WRA/LRU. ScanNavigator provides easy access to all hardware and software tools necessary to develop, execute and diagnose boundary scan tests. So, companies that have already purchased Teradyne Di-series can use ScanNavigator to develop, debug and execute boundary scan test vectors without the need to purchase any boundary scan test hardware.

ScanNavigator GUI

Acculogic ScanNavigator Software Photo courtesy of Teradyne Inc.